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Welcome to Prudwi.com online Astrology. We provide Different types of Astrology services in online.
1. Horoscope by date of birth in Telugu (or) Telugu Jatakam horoscope online
2. Telugu Jatakam with Janmakundali
3. Naadi Astrology (or) Nadi jyotishyam

Prudwi.com is committed to guide you about our online Telugu Jatakam service. We presents online form for horoscope by date of birth, Nadi jyotishyam, Jyotishyam with janmakundali. After fill the form and payment, we will send the detailed jyotishya papers to your home.

Telugu Name Translation
మేషము Aries
వృషభము Taurus
మిథునము Gemini
కర్కాటకము Cancer
సింహము Leo
కన్యా Virgo
తుల Libra
వృశ్చికము Scorpio
ధనస్సు Saggitarius
మకరము Capricorn
కుంభము Aquarius
మీనము Pisces


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