About The Temples of South India

Almost all Indian arts has been spiritual and almost all varieties of artistic culture were deeply treditional. The Hindu temples developed over thousands of years and its architectural evolution occurred in the limitations of strict fashions derived entirely from non secular concerns. Therefore the architect changed into obliged to hold to the historical primary proportions and rigid forms which remained unaltered over more centuries.

In India, the architects and sculpture were were having freedom in establishment and decoration of following rules, principles and formulaes. The result was the best architectural elements, sculpture forms and more historical monuments.
In our website we provides all over south india temples means which are the 6 states as following
1. Andhra pradesh
2. Goa
3. Karnataka
4. Kerala
5. Tamilnadu
6. Telangana.

These 6 states famous temples list, every Temple details like temple God and goddess, Location and Address, temples gallery, photoshoot of the temple, timings, temple history, pujas and seva list, darshn details, special poojas, distance from other cities, nearest railway stations, Nearest bus stations, Nearest Airports, Near by hotels were included. One of the speciality provided by our team nearest temples in 200KM circumstance for every temple.

In Shastras, the historical script on architecture, classified temples into 3 specific orders; the Nagara or 'northern' style architecture, the Dravida or 'southern ' style of architecture, and the Vesara or hybrid style which is seen inside the Deccan between the other two. There are also dinsinct patterns in peripheral regions consisting of Bengal, Kerala and the Himalayan valleys. But via some distance the maximum numerous homes are in both the Nagara or the Dravida styles and the earliest surviving structural temples can already be visible as falling into the huge classifications of both one or the opposite.


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